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A Prodigal Son

Greg Turner, once turned to Jesus out of fear, but has renewed his mind to the Truth of God's Grace!
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Greg Turner was saved at the tender age of eight—sort of. He was raised in a Christian home, and was exposed to a variety of doctrines as he bounced between several denominations. When he was a young boy, Greg viewed a Christian film that emphasized the end times and it scared him. As a result of the movie, he turned to Jesus out of fear. "I made Jesus my Savior over and over again, never really sure of my salvation, but constantly confessing my ever increasing sins. So Jesus was my Savior, but never the Lord of my Life," Greg shared.

As Greg grew older he began to resent being dragged to church three times per week and being made to memorize Scripture. He began to turn from religion. Although over the years he turned further and further away from the Lord, living an increasingly lascivious lifestyle, he never lost his heart for God. Greg knew that he was blessed by the favor of God even in his darkest times. God's love and favor scared him, and he didn't understand it. "It scared me because it seemed God had big plans for me. I just always felt he loved me in spite of myself, but I ran because I didn't want to give up my loose lifestyle," Greg said.

A picture of drug-addicted Greg the night before he was arrested.
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Instead of God's best, Greg chose to pursue the world and all its carnal comforts, wealth and acclaim, and he found all of it. After serving honorably in the United States Navy, Greg earned his professional credentials as a Radiologic Technologist and began to make his living performing MRI, CAT and X-Ray scans. At the same time in the late nineties, he and a business partner also got involved in the highly lucrative internet pornography industry. While surrounded by what the world had to offer, including his own addiction to painkillers and cocaine, Greg also found he was miserable; he could not fill the God-shaped hole inside himself.

Eventually Greg, a prisoner to his own addiction, was forced to turn to distributing cocaine to support his habit. During this time he made a new friend; one Greg discerned was a good spirit. Although Greg sensed this new friend was working as undercover law enforcement, Greg was refreshed by this friend's presence. Greg eventually sold drugs to him—his friend was a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent.

Rebekah with Greg the day he was realeased from rehab to live at a halfway house. (Click to enlarge)After his arrest and subsequent federally mandated stint in rehab, Greg was released into a halfway house pending a federal indictment. While there he received a text from his mother-in-law, which included Jeremiah 39:17-18. Greg looked up the passage of Scripture and was blown away by the Lord's words. In that moment he had an encounter with God and the Word leapt off the page. He received the word with tears and stood on it for the next year while he awaited trial.

The Lord, always faithful to His Word, protected Greg as he received mercy across the board: From the feared, but fair Chief Justice, who sentenced him to probation rather than prison; to leniency for travel to work and church during his house arrest period; to the renewal of his professional credentials, the favor of God was still manifest in Greg's life.

Rebekah and Greg celebrated Thanksgiving 2009 with their family. (Click to enlarge) Greg used his time in the halfway house to completely overhaul his life. He put his hand to the plow and chose, of his own free will, to turn to the Lord. He determined to use the Word of God as his sole system of thought for the reconstruction of his life. Greg was devouring everything he could get his hands on that related to the Lord. Greg and another man in the halfway house often had deep conversations about the goodness of God. This man suggested that Greg get a hold of Andrew's teaching; "This guy will show you things in Scripture that you've never seen before," his friend said.

Several months later Greg came across Andrew on CTN, teaching Lessons from Elijah. "Those lessons hooked me, but Spirit, Soul and Body blew my mind—that's when I turned my full attention to AWM."

Greg at home with his dogs and the Word. (Click to enlarge)Although he knew he had found the truth, Greg was furious. When he found he had been deceived, even by his own religious thinking, he was mad. He threw out everything he thought he knew and began the process of thoroughly renewing his mind (Romans 12:2). As he listened to and read Andrew's materials he was refreshed, but the True Nature of God really opened his eyes to how much the Lord loved him. "I know my Lord intimately now! All [the] questions I ever had were answered. It was powerful."

Since his turn back to the Lord his life has been restored. Greg has gained an understanding of the Lord's love for him and His plans to prosper him—and prosper he has. Now married nearly four years to Rebekah, who weathered the storms in Greg's life; he is successfully employed as a Radiologic Technologist, and has been ordained by his local church, where he is able to use his gift of teaching. Greg ministers the meaty lessons he has learned through Andrew's teaching and his Charis Bible College Correspondence courses.

Greg and Rebekah grateful for Andrew's ministry now partner with AWM.
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"Andrew gave me the priceless hunger of a deep love for the Word. The Word excites me. I lay hands on people and they are healed. I prophecy and it comes to pass. I disciple people and their fruit remains. I am a follower of Christ," Greg said joyfully.