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Pannonhalma, Hungary

The Archabbey of Pannonhalma, Hungary. (Click to enlarge)During the autumn of 2009 Andrew and Jamie visited and ministered in Europe. Their trip included stops in England, Germany, Poland and Hungary. While in Hungary Andrew had the opportunity to minister across a denominational gap. Andrew was welcomed with open arms to the Archabbey of Pannonhalma, an eleven-century-old Roman Catholic monastery. There he met with his ministry friends Titusz Hardi, a former Charis Bible College student and Benedictine monk, and Titusz' superior, Dr. Várszegi Asztrik, Arch Abbot of Pannonhalma, member of the Bishop Congregation of Hungary's Roman Catholic Church.

These three men first became acquaintances several years ago through a fourth friend, Zsolt Katona. Zsolt is a CBC England graduate and a former teacher at both of the Abbey's schools. After graduating from CBC Zsolt did not return to the Abbey, but chose instead to go to work for Andrew Wommack Ministries where he is currently in charge of Andrew's European book translation and distribution center in Hungary.

Titusz Hardi, Assistant to the Arch Abbot of Pannonhalma, greets Andrew during his visit in the fall of 2009.
(Click to enlarge)
The noticeable change in Zsolt, as a result of his experience at CBC, made such an impression on Titusz that it stirred within him a hunger for more of God. This hunger led Titusz to request a sabbatical from his life in the monastery, where he has served as a monk for more than 25 years. He sought the break to attend CBC in England. Much like Zsolt, the time Titusz spent at CBC changed his life, and he returned to the monastery refreshed and inspired by the Word of God. Upon his return to Hungary, the Arch Abbot took note of the change in Titusz.

The progression of changed lives continues as the Arch Abbot has blessed Titusz by making him Headmaster of a very prestigious boarding school in Pannonhalma. There Titusz teaches Discipleship Evangelism lessons, and also incorporates some of Andrew’s other teachings, including Spirit, Soul and Body, in the curriculum for his students. Andrew’s teachings are transforming the monks and students in several of Pannonhalma's Abbeys. Titusz takes every opportunity to share his revelation and is having an impact; many who attend his meetings are born again and Spirit filled. He has brought a revival of sorts to Hungary’s Catholic Church.

Zsolt and Titusz' time at CBC opened the door for Andrew to meet with the Arch Abbot for the first time three years ago. During Andrew’s most recent visit, the Arch Abbot extended his grace and allowed Andrew to minister in one of the monastery’s cathedrals. With Zsolt as his translator, Andrew was able to share with Titusz’ students and members of his Bible group. He taught about destiny and had the opportunity to prophecy over some of the future leaders of Hungary's church. Be sure to watch the video summary below for a glimpse of this powerful time of ministry in Hungary.


We invite you to watch the video clip below which shares highlights of Andrew and Jamie's visit to Pannonhalma, Hungary in 2009.

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