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New England GTS 2011

Andrew opening night in New England.
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As Andrew and the Gospel Truth Seminar team arrived in Massachusetts for the New England GTS, so did hurricane Irene. Although rough weather had been predicted to hit the area over the weekend, those hungry for the Word were not deterred from coming to the conference. Many people came eager to hear the Word and to receive individual ministry.

Andrew taught a brand new series based on revelation he had received over the previous several weeks as he read and meditated on Deuteronomy 2:24. While Andrew normally teaches topically, meaning he will spend a whole weekend teaching on one specific topic such as Grace or Andrew ministering to the crowd gathering at the front during the altar call.
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or Spirit, Soul & Body, he deviated a bit for the crowd in New England, and from a single verse he revealed six key elements of the Christian life.

"One verse in Deuteronomy, Chapter two just lit my fire and I have been stuck on that verse for two, maybe three weeks. I thought, I'm just going to share with everybody what God's been speaking to me," Andrew said.

Many lives were touched at this GTS, but for one prayer ministry team leader, a particular testimony stands out. A woman walked forward to the prayer line with slow and unsteady steps. It was plainly evident that she was struggling with pain Andrew laying hands as he ministers to the crowd Friday night.
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surging through her body. The prayer minister was struck by how unusually young she was to be experiencing such severe arthritis. As the woman received prayer she began to cry. Her tears were those of relief and joy as the pain left her body. She explained that it had been so long since she had been pain free that she was over whelmed! "Praise the Lord! What a privilege it is to work for Him!" said the minister.

Another woman suffering from the effects of stage four bone cancer approached the prayer line to receive healing. By her own description, her bones were brittle and she was in constant pain throughout her body. Not only did the pain leave after she received prayer, but she walked two laps around the auditorium. As she left the meeting to return home, she pushed her teenage daughter along in the wheelchair—the same wheelchair that her daughter had used to bring her into the meeting!

Watch the video segment below to catch Andrew's introduction to his message in New England: Lessons From Deuteronomy 2:24.

Click here to view the entire five-part teaching series.

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