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Lance Weldgen: Healed and On A Mission

Lance and Gerri with Andrew and Jamie at the Sanctuary during a Healing Journeys reunion in 2011. (Click to enlarge)In November of 2010, we posted a story about Lance Weldgen's Healing Journey; a wonderful story of Lance's victory over fibromyalgia and his faith building journey into ministry. In today's article we are happy to share an update about what Lance and his wife, Gerri, are doing with their lives as a result of their time at Charis Bible College. For Lance, the healing wasn't the end of the story—it was just the beginning.

Lance and Gerri each graduated from CBC-Colorado; Lance in 2009 and Gerri in 2011. "Both of us agree that being saturated with the Word at CBC was the very best time of preparation in our walk with Jesus. We were transformed at CBC. The Word was planted Lance and Gerri being water baptized in 2008. (Click to enlarge)deep, and the seed is already bearing fruit," said Lance.

Andrew's teachings, Spirit, Soul and Body, The Believer's Authority, The Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit and Don't Limit God, each had a profound effect on the Weldgen's understanding of God's Word. The revelation they received from Andrew and CBC shaped Lance and Gerri's ministry, bringing them from a works mentality to a place where they are able to receive God’s grace and direction and respond in faith with a love for others that never ends.

Lance graduated from CBC-Colorado in 2009. Gerri graduated in 2011.
(Click to enlarge)
Both Lance and Gerri put their revelation to work. Even before graduation, Lance went to work at the Springs Rescue Mission in downtown Colorado Springs, where he ministered to the men in their New Life Program. During his time at SRM he witnessed both physical and spiritual healing and transformation in many lives. Gerri too, had the opportunity to minister in her profession as a certified Muscular Therapist at a local senior center. She had spent years working as a therapist, but after her time at CBC and her baptism in the Holy Spirit, manifestations of complete healing became commonplace. One of Gerri's clients had suffered with numbness in her leg for 14 years, Map of India highlighting the region in which the Weldgens will be ministering. (Click to enlarge)and one day while Gerri ministered to her, she received complete healing. "We expect results. We expect healing," Gerri said joyfully.

Although the Weldgens were seeing fruit in their individual workplaces the Lord began to shift their attention to the mission field in India. This was a drastic change for the couple—at least for Gerri. For some time, Lance had experienced a growing desire to minister in India, but Gerri had not shared the sentiment. Gerri was supportive of Lance's desire and very aware of it as he would bring it up from time to time in conversation. Instead of physically heading onto the mission field, the couple chose to sponsor two needy Indian children through the World Vision ministry.

On their third day in India the Weldgen's were invited into Victor's home where they had the opportunity to share their testimony and teach on healing.
(Click to enlarge)
In 2003, Lance had the opportunity to go to India to meet the children the couple sponsored. That experience further solidified Lance's dream to pursue missions in India. "When I came home to Colorado, I knew that one day I would return to India," Lance said.

Lance eventually realized that if the Lord wanted the Weldgens to go to India, He would also put the desire in Gerri's heart and he held his peace about his dream. Then, in January 2011, the Lord supernaturally changed Gerri's mind. She was asleep on a bus bound for Arizona to serve as part of Andrew's prayer ministry team at a Gospel Truth Seminar in Phoenix. Gerri woke upLance teaching a small Agape Fellowship Church in Hyderabad.
(Click to enlarge)
at dawn and as she stared out the window she had a vision. "Lance and I were ministering—in India! More important than that vision was that I had a total heart change. My heart was suddenly filled with the love of God for his people in India,” shared Gerri excitedly.

Lance was elated, and the call was so strong that the Weldgens began preparing for their transition immediately. As they took each step in faith, the Lord continued to direct them. He showed them that they were to go to Hyderabad and reconnect with a pastor Solomon Raju, whom Lance had met back in 2003, and that they were to go to Chennai The Weldgens ministered to Sujartha and she was healed.
(Click to enlarge)
and serve at CBC-India.

The Weldgens made their final preparations this fall and left for India in late October 2011. The couple plans to see hearts and bodies made well, and to disciple many in the Word! They will also minister to the region's poor through the provision of basic needs, such as the drilling of fresh water wells in small villages. "God’s plan is very big here," said Lance.

To learn more about Lance and Gerri's ministry and to keep up with their progress, visit their ministry website: Son Ministries International.

Reader Comments (5)

Just fantastic, absoulutely amazing what our God has done in their lives!!!!!! I am so blessed by their testimony. What an awesome God we serve.

December 8, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterrj


What an awesome God indeed! Here's a little extra detail...

Some years prior to Lance's first visit to India, he had a supernatural encounter with Jesus that had a large impact on him. Lance was at a church service during the Easter season and the Scriptures were being read from the book of John—the story about "Doubting" Thomas. At the time Lance could identify with Thomas as he had always been plagued by doubt. But when Jesus said to Thomas, “Reach your hand here and put it into my side,” Lance was, at that very moment, translated instantly back into that upper room 2,000 years ago. Jesus Christ was saying those words... to Lance. And, it was Lance that reached his hand out and felt Jesus' side— and it was Lance saying the words, “My Lord and my God!” Immediately he found himself back in his church pew—his Bible had just slammed to the floor—loud enough to interrupt the service for a split second. The pastor was still reading the same passage from John, and Lance began to sob. Lance remembers turning to the woman next to him and saying, “I was just there.” Then more tears...But all of his doubt was gone!

Little did Lance know back then that it was Thomas who had taken the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of India.

Awesome God!

December 8, 2011 | Registered CommenterKevin Bree

To: AWM, Lance Weldgen
I read Lance's testimony about the healing he received from Jesus- fantastic PRAISE GOD!
I have the same thing Lance had, and I know Jesus healed me. I have been speaking to the Mountain and cursing it. I know no weapon formed against me can prosper, and ever tongue which rises against me I shall condemn. It has not left and it has to go?

June 29, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercindy hecht

Oh what a joy to know we have such authority, in the name of Jesus!

April 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLance and Gerri Weldgen

Oh what a joy to know we have such authority, in the name of Jesus!

April 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLance and Gerri Weldgen

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