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How to Walk Blessed

Alfred and Angie Buhrke walk by faith and in agreement. (Click to enlarge)Al and Angie Buhrke have been walking with the Lord and growing in their relationship with Jesus for more than twenty-five years. Approximately sevenyears ago, they came across Andrew's Gospel Truth program on television. As Al watched Andrew, he identified similarities in their understanding of God and His word. Al also realized that Andrew was further along in his faith walk, and that he could advance in his own journey by gleaning from Andrew's revelation.

Andrew's teaching, You've Already Got It made a huge impression on Al and opened his eyes to the authority believers possess. He came to understand that the promises of God are available for all who choose to believe and receive them by faith. In 2010, the Buhrkes had an opportunity to put their faith to the test.

After declaring he would hold their Monday evening Bible study in the ER, Al felt a release from the some of the pain of his injury, and he was able to have X-Rays taken of his pelvis.
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On Monday, November 29, Al was performing routine cleaning of an air conditioning vent in his home. He was standing on a ladder, just three feet off the ground when he suddenly crashed to the concrete floor and landed on his left hip. As soon as he hit the floor he began shouting, "I am healed!" at the top of his lungs. "I had learned so much from Andrew, and I knew that my first reaction was critical," said Al.

Just as Al began to yell that he was healed, Angie arrived at home from the Bible study she had been leading. Although Al had taken his stand against the injury, he was still in tremendous pain and was unable to move; the couple called 911.

Because of the excruciating pain from which Al was suffering, the hospital personnel were unable to X-Ray Al's hip. While the doctors decided how to proceed, Al and Angie discussed their plans for the evening. Al sitting in the hospital.
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Injury aside, the Buhrkes regularly hosted a Bible study on Monday nights and they were not planning to cancel the meeting. Al asked Angie to call the group and tell them to come to the hospital; the meeting would take place in the Emergency Room (ER). As Al made that declaration, he felt relief from the pain, and he was able to undergo the X-Rays.

When Al's ER doctor shared his findings, he said Al had shattered his pelvis, and that he would need extensive surgery, reconstruction and many, many months of rehab. Upon hearing his diagnosis she said, "I don't accept that." To which the doctor replied, "Well, come and see the X-Rays." As Angie was going to view the X-Rays she realized she had a choice of how to react. Her choice was between being willing to risk ridicule for her beliefs or caving in to the pressure of the world? In that brief moment, as she wrestled with her decision, one of Andrew's Healing Journey testimonies, the story of Alan and Debbie Moore, came to mind. Angie was reminded of the way Debbie stood on God's word when her husband could not. She thought to herself, "If she can do it, I can do it."

Angie sharing her testimony at a recent Gospel Truth Seminar. (Click to enlarge)Angie looked at the X-Rays, and saw the damage, but she repeated her statement of rejection. The doctor asked Angie what she meant. Angie answered, "Not only do I not accept it; I reject it in Jesus name. My husband and I walk by faith and not by sight. We walk by what the word of God says, not by what we see, and I can see that X-Ray. Furthermore, God is our physician. My God can heal my husband without surgery."

The doctor flew off his chair and said, "If your husband walks out of here, I'll become a believer." She said, "Praise the Lord!" and walked out of the room. As the doctor returned to Al's bedside he ripped open the curtain and exclaimed to Al, "Your wife is delusional!"

That evening as the Buhrkes held their Bible study in the ER, the doctor abruptly entered and demanded to know what was going on. Paperwork at the time of his discharge from the hospital indicated that Al should not put any weight on his left leg for the following ten weeks.
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He spoke harshly to Angie, stating that this was a serious matter and that Al needed immediate surgery, stressing that if Al were to try to walk he would create serious complications. After the study, the Buhrkes were told that the hospital was transferring him to a trauma facility for surgery. Al spent the rest of the night in prayer, asking the Lord for the words to say to refuse the pending surgery. Morning came, but the words did not.

The surgeon entered Al's room and shared that his team had found more fractures in his hip than originally detected—but they had also chosen not to perform surgery. The Buhrkes were relieved. The doctor also said that Al should expect to be fully recovered in eight months.

After a total of ten days, Al was discharged and sent home with a wheelchair, a walker, five different medications and a $35,000 bill. Al chose not to use any of the medicine, relying instead on the manifestation of his healing, and after making a declaration not to use the drugs, Al did not suffer from any further leg or hip pain.

Al smiled as he stood and shared his testimony at the 2011 Gospel Truth Seminar in Houston. (Click to enlarge)Several weeks later, Al had grown weary from the taxing use of the wheelchair and walker, and scheduled an appointment with the doctors. Exactly five weeks from the date of the injury, Al and Angie returned for an exam. For the first time since he had fallen, Al reviewed the X-Rays and saw the massive amount of damage he had sustained. Although the damage shocked him, the doctor's statement also surprised him. Upon evaluation, the doctor said, "I'm going to let you walk." After hearing the news, Al stood and walked out—unassisted and pain free.

Al remarked, "This is not a story of a major miracle; it's a story of how to walk in the blessings of God, and how to push back when the world tells you what to do."

As for the medical bill...Someone else stepped in and paid his expenses in full. Al said, "The truth of the matter is, I'm blessed going in and blessed going out (Deut. 28:6).