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The Wesley's International Journey

Charis Bible College graduates and missionaries to Nepal, Dawa and Bob Wesley. (Click to enlarge)In 1984, Bob Wesley walked away from his job as a civil engineer in Texas to answer the Lord's request that he return to his old stomping grounds in Indiana to share Jesus with some old buddies. With that first step he entered a life of missionary ministry that eventually led him to Nepal. After ten years serving the Nepali people, Bob met Dawa, a native of the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, India, who was working for a ministry in the same area of Nepal. Two years later the couple was married. Little did the Wesleys know that they would soon find themselves on an international journey.

City streets of Kathmandu, Nepal
(Click to enlarge)
In 2000, the couple lived in a small town called, Kalimpong in the State of West Bengal, India. One day as Dawa was preparing lunch, Bob flipped through the television stations, and he came across Andrew's Gospel Truth program on the God TV Network. Bob watched for a short time and then asked Dawa to come and listen to what Andrew was teaching. After several minutes, Dawa said to Bob, "If you preach what he is preaching people here will kill you." Intrigued by Andrew's simple straight forward approach to teaching the Gospel, they continued to watch Andrew regularly.

Map of Nepal (Click to enlarge)Both Bob and Dawa continued to serve the Lord passionately; however, as time passed, the couple began to struggle under the weight of self-centered priorities. Their vows had united them as husband and wife, but both were driven by their commitment to their individual ministries. Each one preferred to focus on their work, and they had not continued to develop their relationship with one another or with the Lord; subsequently, their marriage began to fail.

After three years at CBC, Bob and Dawa returned to the mission field of Nepal. (Click to enlarge)After a long struggle with language and cultural barriers as well as differing levels of spiritual maturity, the Wesleys made the decision to put the work of the ministry on hold, and focus on addressing the their spiritual and marital issues. Having both gleaned a great amount of revelation from Andrew's, the couple chose to pursue relational and spiritual healing at Charis Bible College (CBC) in Colorado.

Though the three years in the United States presented their fair share of challenges for the couple, they managed to repair and rebuild their relationships at the feet of the Lord. After their time at CBC the couple was more fully equipped for life on the mission field—working together. Bob sharing the Gospel, discipling and working with the boys living on the streets. (Click to enlarge) Throughout their time in Colorado their hearts burned for the Nepali people. From the first week of classes, Dawa grew in her understanding of the love of God and she longed to share it. "I felt the love of God for the Nepali people who, like me, were dying in legalism and in bondage even after they were genuinely saved," said Dawa.

After three years, Dawa had grown accustomed to the comforts and convenience of living in the States, and her desire to leave had waned. Bob only had to remind Dawa of the call on their lives, and the couple again purposed to return to the people to which God had called both of them in Nepal.

Dawa ministers to the young women in the city. (Click to enlarge)Upon their arrival back in Nepal in 2009, the Wesleys stepped back into full-time ministry. They were struck by the harsh reality and contrast between life in America and life on the mission field. One afternoon, as Dawa approached her new office, she saw two boys on the street ahead of her. Immediately, she noticed the condition of their clothing and particularly their bare and roughly worn feet. As she watched them, she asked the Lord what He wanted her to do. "I heard the Lord reply, 'feed them,'" said Dawa. In that moment, the Wesley's ministry, Wesleys International was set in motion and they have been caring for the destitute of Nepal since.

The Wesleys have a number of programs that minister to local widows. (Click to enlarge)Bob and Dawa are dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus, equipping the saints for the work of ministry and caring for the needy. Their work is accomplished through the printing and distribution of Gospel tracts and bibles, teaching the body of Christ and caring for the impoverished. The Wesleys minister to the surrounding communities through a variety of programs, and they are bringing forth fruit as they continue to witness people being saved, healed, delivered and prospered. To learn more about Bob and Dawa's ministry to the people of Nepal and their united efforts to share Jesus, visit the Wesleys International website.

Reader Comments (3)

I am praying Gods blessings RE: this wonderful Ministry He has blest you with. Yours in His service Sister in Christ Gwendolyn

July 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGwendolyn

does anyone know if Bob and his wife are all right?> His internet is, obviously, down. :-(

April 27, 2015 | Unregistered Commentered nave

I spoke with Mary and Bob via Skype video yesterday as they were preparing to sleep outside with the children - following the second quake. I was reassured to see and hear that they are still safe, strong, rejoicing and helping others including 46 children! God is good always!!

May 13, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDiane Bell

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