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Europe Trip 2011: A Visit to St. Paul

Marie Helén and her sister Bülle prepare to take us to the Medieval village of St. Paul. (Click to enlarge)Thunder showers continued off and on as Andrew completed his interview with Marie Helén. Afterward, she suggested that we go to the nearby village of St. Paul. We liked the sound of that, inasmuch as the village name refers to the Apostle to the Gentiles who wrote most of the revelation of God’s grace for us to discover and enjoy in Scripture. St. Paul, the village, was filled with reflections of God’s grace, to be sure.

First, St. Paul de Vence was a castle built in the 9th century. Only the dungeon remains. Then in the 9th Century it was rebuilt as a fortified medieval village with narrow winding streets and tall houses, alleys and passageways connecting at unpredictable angles. This charming 1200 year old lifestyle makes the village attractive for shops, restaurants, cafés, artists, and tourists.

Andrew snapped this picture of the village of St. Paul as we approached. (Click to enlarge)The village was full of intimate landscapes like this one. (Click to enlarge)

Jamie snapped this view of a passageway.
(Click to enlarge)
David Hardesty captured this route.
(Click to enlarge)

Bouganvillea proliferated overhead.
(Click to enlarge)
A view of the valley below.
(Click to enlarge)

Good location for a dress shop?
(Click to enlarge)
Yours truly, hard at work. Yes, there will be a video report when we return. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew and Jamie in St. Paul. (Click to enlarge)Finally, it must be said about St. Paul de Vence, that no photograph can do it justice. Many times on our route we stopped to savor scenes with colors, shapes, grand vistas and intimate landscapes that defied the ability of any camera to fully capture. So it was up to us to simply drink it in and give praise to God. In the distance to the north our eyes could see the snow covered French Alps. Turning 180 degrees south, we could see the palm tree outlined Mediterranean Sea, where indeed, Paul the Apostle had sailed, and shipwrecked. At one point Andrew commented on the miracle of the human eye, and we quietly praised our Creator for allowing us to see such beauty.

Filed Wednesday, June 8, 2011 from Nice by AWM Media Manager, Stephen Bransford.