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What is the Key to Spiritual Maturity?

Andrew speaking during the Saturday morning session at the 2011 Atlanta GTS. (Click to enlarge)Andrew and Jamie spent the first weekend in May ministering at a Gospel Truth Seminar held in Atlanta, Georgia where Andrew shared a message called, The Key to Spiritual Maturity. During the opening meeting Thursday night, Andrew asked the crowd to think about what it means to be spiritually mature. After touching on common responses to his question, he explained that the key to spiritual maturity is being absolutely committed to, and controlled by, the Word of God. "The Word of God is like the key that unlocks everything else," Andrew said. He stressed the fact that interaction and personal knowledge of the Word of God is essential to spiritual growth.

Each meeting opened with a time of praise and worship led by Charlie and Jill LeBlanc. (Click to enlarge)Friday night Andrew continued to emphasize the importance of spending time in the Bible. "The key to spiritual maturity is the Word of God. The Word of God was given to bring us to a place of maturity, and the vast majority of Christians are struggling in their life because of their lack of knowledge. The Scripture says that my people perish for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6), and that is exactly the reason why people are perishing in their bodies, finances, relationships, emotions, in any area of life." Andrew went on to say, "The Lord will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon him (Isaiah 26:3). That is not descriptive of the average Christian."

People had the opportunity to pick up many of Andrew's teaching materials before and after each session.
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Throughout the weekend lives were transformed. Roughly two hundred people came forward for the baptism in the Holy Spirit, sixteen people were born again, and the prayer ministry that followed each session was full of the manifestation of God's power.

After one meeting, a woman came to the front to receive salvation. As she rolled forward in her wheelchair, Andrew asked her a question to which she replied, "I can't hear you." Andrew responded with a smile and said, "No problem. We'll get that taken care of." Andrew then called a prayer minister over to address the woman's hearing problem. After a few minutes, Andrew paused and looked at the woman again and asked, Andrew lays his hand on a woman's shoulder during Friday morning's altar call. (Click to enlarge)"Can you hear me now?" The woman replied, "Yep!"

One minister prayed with a six-year-old girl who had limped forward, suffering from pain in her feet as a result of juvenile arthritis. The minister played a hand slapping game with the child and explained that in the same way they were slapping hands, the little girl should slap away the pain. Providing another example, the minister asked the child what she would do if she saw a bug scurrying across the floor, and the little girl replied, "I'd stomp on it." The minister told her to do the same thing if her pain tried to return. After receiving these instructions, the child left—pain free and with a smile on her face. The following morning the little girl's grandmother returned to speak with the prayer minister. Andrew's seminars offer many fellowship and ministry opportunities.
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Amazed by the change in her granddaughter, she said that the child had stomped around the night before saying, "Get off me pain," and it did!

As Andrew spoke forth the truth of God's Word, and explained it with straightforward simplicity, many were able to receive the revelation that His Word is The Key to Spiritual Maturity. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17).

Watch the video below as Andrew introduces the topic for the Gospel Truth Seminar held in Atlanta, Georgia: The Key to Spiritual Maturity.


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