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Freedom from Migraines 

Lanna Gillie suffered from the debilitating effects of migraine headaches for more than twenty years—Now she's completely free!
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For twenty-two years Lanna Gillie suffered from severe migraines. Each headache occurrence would begin the same way; with the loss of sight in one eye, followed by severe pain and vomiting. In addition, her facial muscles would contract and her face would appear misaligned, as though she had suffered a stroke. The migraines took over her life, until she received the revelation that God wanted her well.

Lanna and her husband, Mark, raised their five children in a rural Mississippi town. During one of Lanna’s more severe migraine episodes, an emergency room doctor was convinced she had suffered a stroke and wanted to transfer her, via helicopter, to a larger hospital in the city. Upon further examination, and with Lanna’s insistence, the doctor was finally convinced that she was indeed enduring the symptoms of a migraine, and not a stroke.

Celebrating freedom! Lanna serving fourth of July dinner free from migraine symptoms. (Click to enlarge)Needless to say, the severe symptoms with which she suffered were a huge disruption to Lanna’s family and work life. At least once a week she had to see her doctor to receive injections, sometimes as many as six, for the pain and nausea. The side effects from the treatments would put Lanna in bed for several days, leaving her with only a couple of “good” days per week. Three to four times a year it was necessary for her to be hospitalized in order to break what appeared to be a migraine cycle.

“My everyday life was ruled by headaches. We couldn’t plan vacations because we never knew when ‘Mama was going to have a headache,’” Lanna recalled.

Over time the doctors tried every treatment available and prescribed every medication known to handle migraine symptoms. Lanna’s treatments included seizure drugs, heavy narcotics, nausea medications, anti-depressants, beta blockers, Imitrex, Zomig, and Percodan.Lanna and her oldest daughter, Beth, in the stands enjoying a football game. (Click to enlarge)

Between her symptoms and her treatments, it became impossible for Lanna to maintain employment. “I tried to work, but employers weren’t very understanding when I missed work a day or two every week. I do understand where they were coming from, but it seemed to be out of my control,” said Lanna.

For many years, Lanna and her husband did a morning Bible devotion together taught by a minister who believes God uses sickness and injury to teach His children lessons. One day, however, Mark remembered a minister, whom he had listened to in passing, who said the words, “God wants you well.” Lanna and her entire family gathered around Mark at his retirement reception. (Click to enlarge)The minister of course was Andrew, and Lanna and Mark began to watch Andrew’s Gospel Truth program regularly. Before long, faith for Lanna’s healing was born in the couple’s hearts.

Lanna and Mark took particular interest in the Healing Journeys series, where they saw the testimony of Scott Forsyth. Lanna was excited about Scott’s healing journey because she recognized Scott’s father, David Forsyth, as classmate from 1974. Lanna contacted Scott’s mother, Vicky, via Facebook right after Scott's story aired on May 3, 2010. “Seeing Scott’s testimony helped me to make a connection with someone I knew would have no hidden agenda for making such claims if it was not real, and that helped me to believe that God wanted to heal me too,” Lanna said.Vicky Forsyth and Lanna at the 2010 GTS in Fort Worth, TX.
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On May 3, 2010 Lanna was able to make contact with Vicky and talk through God’s will for her to be well, building the faith necessary for her to receive her complete healing. Lanna now considers May 3, 2010 the official date of her healing. She stopped taking all medication, suffered no withdrawal symptoms, and no longer suffers from migraine headaches.

Lanna and Mark were able to meet Vicky in Fort Worth for the Gospel Truth Seminar in November of 2010. Vicky is thrilled that Scott’s testimony helped Lanna receive her healing. “It's awesome to know that Scott's story raised her faith like Hannah's story did for Scott,” Vicky said.

Today, Lanna and Mark enjoy an active church and family life. The couple’s five children and eleven grandchildren all live within a comfortable forty-five minutes of their home, which makes it a joy to be very involved in their lives; and the blessings of health and wholeness have made it possible.