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Helmet of Salvation

Christ follower, husband and father, Larry DeShano (Click to enlarge)Larry DeShano's life had crumbled around him. Once a strong husband, father and provider, excelling in his work as an Electrical Foreman, he had become bedridden at the age of 37. Larry had suffered several injuries to his spine over the years and they had taken their toll on him. He was physically broken, spiritually depleted, and his family was falling apart. Larry was a born again Christian, but he wasn't aware of all that Jesus had accomplished on his behalf until he came across Andrew's Gospel Truth television program.

When Larry was in his late teens, he had the misfortune of falling down a flight of stairs. His body came to a sudden halt on the cement floor where he landed on the back of his head and neck. From that mishap forward, Larry had consistent problems with his neck. It wasn't until years later that a doctor told him he had actually broken his neck in the fall.

Larry had corrective surgery for an old neck injury, but before he was fully recovered he had another accident. (Click to enlarge)Doctors convinced Larry to have corrective surgery when he was 36. The post operation prognosis was bright, but included a 12 to 18 month recovery period. Unfortunately in 2001, before his recovery was complete, Larry had another accident. He was driving in his pickup truck when seemingly out of nowhere a car pulled out in front of him—unable to avoid the collision, Larry hit the other vehicle broadside and wound up back in the hospital.

Not only did Larry reinjure his neck, but when his head bounced off the interior of his truck, he suffered extensive damage to his spine. The impact caused nine discs in his back to rupture, and although Larry suffered physically, the damage that was caused could be felt throughout the DeShano household. "It was devastating to me and my family. After listening to Andrew's teachings, Larry began to have a revelation of God's Word and took authority over his body.
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I went from being able to go and do whatever I wanted, to relying on my wife and son to take care of me. And, my income stopped because I was unable to work," said Larry.

Larry's physical injuries left him unable to function. With the exception of his trips to the bathroom, he spent months laying on a doctor prescribed, in-home hospital bed. His chronic pain, inability to care for himself and large doses of medication, left him in a deep depression. As the pressure of constant care and mounting financial strain increased, tension grew between Larry and his wife, Cindy. Larry's attitude and emotions began to negatively impact their relationship. "It was a struggle financially, as well as mentally, for Cindy and me. All I could think about was, 'how could this have happened?' We were so happy before—we loved God— next thing I knew, we were talking about a divorce," Larry recalled.

Larry made the decision to turn his attention to the Lord. As he refocused, he began to read his Bible day and night, and he limited his television intake to Christian programming. Cindy and Larry DeShano have been married for 28 years. (Click to enlarge)One night in 2004, as he watched TV, he tuned in to Andrew's program. Larry recalls Andrew's posture as he sat and calmly taught the Word. He had never heard teaching like Andrew's, but in his spirit Larry knew he was hearing the truth.

At the end of the broadcast, Andrew invited viewers to visit the AWM website to check out the ministry's resources—Larry went to the site and dove right in. He began listening to Andrew's message, You've Already Got It, and when he was finished, his eyes began to open to the truth being revealed in the message. Larry prayed, “Lord I know that you have healed me. You said in Your Word that Jesus took all my infirmities and bore all my sickness, and I receive it now in Jesus’ name." Then he started thanking and praising the Lord for his healing.

Larry and his son Joshua.
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Although nothing seemed to have changed, he felt impressed to drive down to the Union Hall to register to go back to work. When he did, the manager asked, "Are you all healed up from your injuries?" In faith Larry replied, "Yes, I am."

Trusting in God's Word, Larry became determined to see his healing manifest. He pushed through the lies his body would tell him, and he grew stronger each day. He spent the next few months listening to Andrew's teachings, reading the Word and serving Cindy. He made special efforts to let her know how much he loved her. As the Word effortlessly changed Larry from the inside, it began to affect Cindy as well. Soon she was reading her Bible and watching Andrew with him. Before long their marriage was completely repaired.

Larry uses his hard hat as a ministry tool in the workplace. (Click to enlarge)Six months after he declared he was healed and he had re-registered for work, Larry received a call for a job opening at the General Motors Plant in Flint, Michigan. Larry answered the call and rejoined the work force for the first time in four years. When he did, he noticed many of the people he worked with had stickers and messages on their hard hats. This inspired him to share God's Word. Larry prints various Scriptures on his helmet, and he changes them every few weeks. It has become a great The DeShano family has also launched website ( selling Christian themed t-shirts. conversation starter and has opened the door for Larry to minister in his workplace. He is able to share his faith and testimony, which often leads to sharing Andrew's materials.

"God has done a great work in our lives and family, and God is not a respecter of persons. What He has done for one person (like me) He will do for you," said Larry enthusiastically.

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PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! Thank you Larry for sharing your testimony of Faith!!!! Thank you Father for all your promises, you alone are God, only you are worthy of all our worship, thanks, praise, honor and glory forever and forever!!!!

October 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMolly GImbert

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