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The Dowlings: Off the Streets by the Grace of God

CBC graduates, Kevin and Rachel Dowling, operate In Jesus Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Click to enlarge)Kevin Dowling and his wife, Rachel, lay huddled together in a cardboard box to stay warm. It was a chilly spring night in New York, but not cold enough for nearby shelters to open their doors to overnight homeless guests. The Dowlings would have to remain in their box for the night, pushed up against a rundown alleyway building. Too tired, too cold, and too high on drugs to worry about it at the moment, they would resume their quest for food in the morning.

Kevin and Rachel first met in Grand Central Station in the heart of New York City. After a quick, casual conversation, Rachel boarded one train and Kevin another. But, as fate—or God—would have it, they met up again that same night in a different part of the city. They have been together ever since.

Kevin and Rachel soon married, but the honeymoon was short-lived. Trapped in the tentacles of drug addiction, the couple found themselves living on the streets without a dime to their name: “Every penny we were able to hustle, steal, or con someone out of went straight to the dope man,” recalls Kevin. “Drugs were absolutely an idol in our lives.”

At one time, Kevin and Rachel slept on the streets of New York City.
(Click to enlarge)
“We wandered the streets hungry,” adds Rachel. “The first time we ate out of a dumpster was when we saw a pizza box sitting right on top of the garbage heap. Most of the pizza was still in the box, so that was our dinner.”

Aside from dumpster diving for their meals, the Dowlings also ate at soup kitchens, churches, or homeless shelters—anywhere they could scavenge free food. Then they heard about a Lutheran church that provided breakfast for the homeless on Sundays. “You didn’t have to go to the services,” explains Kevin. “They just let you come and eat. We started eating there every Sunday.”

Little did Kevin and Rachel know that their newfound breakfast spot would soon change their lives. After a while, the Dowlings began hanging around after breakfast to help the church staff clean and put tables and chairs away. They also took time to chat with some of the church people.

Kevin and Rachel have been together since the day they met in Gand Central Station, New York City.
(Click to enlarge)
It wasn’t long before they began attending the services as well. “Although we were going to the church, we were also still living on the streets and getting high. We never told anyone what our lives were really like,” says Kevin. He and Rachel were certain that those at the church would not approve of their lifestyle.

But at least one lady in the church didn’t care. “We met a lady named Pat, and even though she knew we were homeless and had nothing to give back, she invited us into her home,” says Rachel, still amazed at her generosity.

Kevin continues the story: “Pat sat me down at her kitchen table, looked me right in the eyes, and with such compassion, she told me that God loved me no matter what I was like or what I was going through.” At that moment, Kevin felt something move deep within his heart—something he had never before experienced.

Pat continued sharing God’s love with Kevin and, when she felt he was ready, asked him if he wanted to give his life to the Lord. He did, and he received Jesus right there at Pat’s kitchen table.Kevin distributing food at Charis Bible College. (Click to enlarge)

“I was so excited…so joyful,” recalls Kevin. “I told Rachel that I had gotten saved, and I asked her to do the same.”

“I remember saying to Kevin, ‘But I’m not worthy. I don’t deserve Jesus,’” says Rachel.

The very next day, Rachel had her own conversation with Pat: “Pat told me, just like she told Kevin, that God loved me very much—no matter what. I’d never heard that before. I didn’t know God could love someone like me.” Rachel also gave her life to Jesus, and she and her husband experienced an immediate infilling of God’s unconditional love and grace.

Although they were completely transformed on the inside, the Dowlings’ circumstances were still dire. Their drug habit was so ingrained, they knew they wouldn’t be able to get free on their own. They checked themselves into a Christian rehab center that took in married couples. Kevin and Rachel and their ministry, In Jesus Ministries, supplies bread to shelters and individuals from Colorado Springs to Woodland Park, CO.
(Click to enalarge)
While Rachel was able to stay in the program, Kevin had to first clear up past issues with the courts due to his probation. After his year of probation was up, he informed his probation officer that his only hope of staying out of trouble was to get out of New York City.

God moved on his probation officer to stand in for Kevin before the judge so he wouldn’t have to appear in court and run the risk of having to stay in New York. She only made Kevin promise to call her as soon as he and Rachel arrived in Chicago. He did, and he and Rachel began with a clean and sober slate in the Windy City, where they lived for five years. Afterward, they decided to move to Pennsylvania. It was there that they heard God calling them into the next chapter of their lives:

“When we were in Pennsylvania, I stumbled across Gospel Truth on television. I was hooked,” says Kevin. “We started watching Andrew every day and ordering his books and CDs.”

Kevin opening the trailer in a local parking lot to distribute food.
(Click to enlarge)
Once, when Kevin was tuned in to the program, he heard about Charis Bible College(CBC). He mentioned CBC to Rachel, but neither gave it much thought initially. Meanwhile, the couple was trying to purchase a home in Pennsylvania, but every time they thought they had an open door for a place of their own, that door would slam shut.

Kevin recalls, “It was funny how every avenue we tried for a home suddenly became closed off to us. About this same time, God started bringing the thought of CBC alive in my heart. One night, I came home from work and woke Rachel up. I said, ‘Why don’t we just move to Colorado and go to the Bible college?’”

“I just looked at him and said, ‘I’ve been waiting for you to say that.’”

As soon as the Dowlings made their decision to attend Charis, they received a phone call informing them that they were owed money that they never even knew about! Although it wasn’t a large sum, The Dowlings distribute more than baked goods to the homeless and needy. (Click to enlarge)it was enough to pay off their car and help them save for their move out West. Kevin and Rachel enrolled in CBC in 2008 and have never looked back from this new beginning God gave them.

“Sitting under the teachers at CBC has totally changed our lives,” says Kevin. “We’ve learned that we don’t have to earn anything from God; He just loves us and gives us His gift of salvation absolutely free.”

One of the biggest changes Kevin has experienced is how God’s grace has transformed him into a brand-new person: “Simply by studying God’s Word and staying focused on His love, I’ve realized that God has changed things in my life and inside my heart that I didn’t even try to change. Over time, I’ve just become a very different person.”

Kevin and Rachel knew they weren’t going to just sit in classrooms and listen to lectures every day. This was a hands-on school Kevin and Rachel have become members of a Christian motorcycle group called the Black Sheep. Kevin is the Assistant Chaplain of the organization. (Click to enlarge)that equips the students to be world changers. And that was fine with them. God had given them more than they could ever repay, but they wanted to do something to serve Him by serving others.

One of the ministries the school offers was a perfect fit for the Dowlings: an outreach to the homeless. Kevin and Rachel jumped at the chance to be involved in this food ministry and led it throughout their entire second year at Charis. Now they’ve graduated, but they continue serving in the ministry by bringing food to CBC students at the school three times a week and providing ministries and churches within Colorado Springs and surrounding areas with all the food they need.

Kevin and Rachel stand amazed at how God has grown this ministry. “We receive thousands upon thousands of loaves of bread every week, plus meat, canned goods, and dry goods,” says Kevin. “Each Saturday, I pick up a trailer full of food, and people from all around come and take whatever they want. We had no idea it would turn into something this big.”

Kevin leading prayer for the Black Sheep. (Click to enlarge)When they started leading the food ministry, they made a promise to God to never turn anyone away. God has helped them honor that vow by consistently providing for their every need so that they always have enough to bless others.

But God hasn’t limited Himself to only meeting the Dowlings’ needs; He has also given them the desires of their hearts. Kevin explains, “For many years, I’ve always wanted a brand-new Harley. And, once I became a Christian, I wanted to be part of a Christian motorcycle group.”

Not only did God provide Kevin with his Harley and lead him to a Christian motorcycle group, but Kevin is now an assistant chaplain with one! The group is called Black Sheep because their goal is to be different. While a lot of motorcycle groups are on the streets looking for trouble, Black Sheep riders are out looking for ways to serve.Rachel and kevin are happy in the Lord. (Click to enlarge)

“This group loves to serve and give in any capacity,” says Rachel. “God has brought us into this group because it’s an extension of our passion.”

Whether it’s feeding the homeless or ministering to the hopeless, Kevin and Rachel never want anyone to feel that they’re useless or worthless just because they’re going through hard times. They’ve been there themselves, and now they want to be able to see people through God’s eyes: “We want to treat people like kings and queens,” says Kevin, “because when you love God first, then love your neighbor as yourself, everything else falls into place.”

For more insight into the Dowling's heart to share the love of God, be sure to watch the video below.

For more information about the Dowlings and their food ministry, In Jesus Ministries, contact them by calling 719-393-5581.

Story reprinted from the 2011 Fall/Winter edition of the ministry's Gospel Truth Magazine.

Reader Comments (7)

Alleluya!! I humble myself before such a LOVING and SO GOOD GOD!! I can't refrain my tears of joy before what Our Father has done in Rachel and Kevin's lives!!
While thanking Our Lord Jesus for saving us, I also want to congratulate and encourage Kevin&Rachel to continue ta share Our Savior's unconditional Love as they have committed themselves to!! That's God's will indeed. As you do that, He will continue to bless and mightily care for you as He promise in 2Corinthians9:8-11.
Glory To THE KING OF kings!!!
Thanks for sharing this testimony which truly strengthened my own faith!!
(I'm also very blessed by CBC, and looking forward to attending it, by God's grace one day.)

Pinardel from Paris, France.

February 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPinardel KENNE

God is so great.There is no problem bigger than God.He deserves to be Glorified all the time.He is a God of wonders.He keeps his promises too and is always faithful.This was God in action !!!

February 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPrudence

What an AWESOME AWESOME GOD OF LOVE!!! Dear Kevin and Rachel, thank you for sharing your testimony. I am greatly encouraged by what DADDY GOD has done for you, in you and through you. You shall be a continuous blessing all the days of your life!!! I hope to meet you one day when I visit America again.

Aileen from Singapore

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAileen Teo

Would love to be in contact with you two to talk about and pray about finding a drug & alcohol rehab for my sister-in-law in Missouri. She is basically homeless and broke, but wants to find a bible based ministry where she can be surrounded by Christians and His love and a fresh start in life. Please email or call me 970-690-6990

June 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBobbye

Our God is Perfect and loving truly

February 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterYolanda

What a blessing to see and witness such an awesome testimony!! It's has encouraged me massively and I thank God for his goodness towards you x your are an inspiration and example to us all. May God continue to bless you mightily. I hope to attend CBC 2014 xx

Thank you for your story. It is very inspirational. This is what I should be doing as well. This is what Jesus has asked me to do in my christian walk. It reminds me what Jesus said. Feed the hungry, visit the sick, visit those in jail. Give encouragement through Jesus Christ. Thanks you so much for reminding me. Love you both for what you are giving to the world. YES....THE WORLD!

August 20, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterleah copeland

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