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Basement Walls

Favorable weather conditions through the month of November allowed the construction crews at The Sanctuary to make tremendous progress. The crews were able to accomplish many of the underground structural components of the project; they poured the footings for the basement of the Barn, erected the forms for the basement walls and they continued the development of the road system. In this update Andrew praises God as he reviews the progress of the first phase of construction and shares a timeline for the coming weeks and months.

Andrew describes the dimensions of the Barn.
(Click to enlarge)
Concrete footings were poured to support the Barn's foundation. (Click to enlarge)

An overview of the foundation construction.
(Click to enlarge)
Construction crews placed the forms for the concrete basement walls. (Click to enlarge)

Huge culverts were brought in to handle water flow under the new road system. (Click to enlarge) The road excavation project continues.
(Click to enlarge)

Be sure to watch the short video below to see how the Lord continues to bless the ministry through this expansion of Charis Bible College Colorado.

Reader Comments (2)

I'm just elated that even if I only contributed $30 dollars a month, that if my contribution only pays for 1 hour of the front end loaders salary I'm happy. It's a great pleasure to see I can help to contribute even in a small way to such an awesome project as this. That the Gospel may go forth throughout the world by those who are taught here. I wish I could do more. God Bless this project to it's fulfillment. Amen

January 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Storm

I'm so glad I'm a partner with this ministry and that I'm able to be a montly contributor to such a wonderful cause. This ministry has blessed me in so many ways.

March 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDenise Smith

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