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Andrew's 2013 Phoenix GTS

Andrew sharing at Thursday night's opening meeting in Phoenix. (Click to enlarge)Andrew spent the first weekend of the new year in Phoenix, Arizona, where he held the first of only four Gospel Truth Seminars scheduled for 2013. While his three-day, single location conference schedule has significantly decreased for the coming year, Andrew's on-the-road-ministry has not. Instead of spending three days in one place for a seminar, Andrew has opted to visit multiple locations using his single-day, Gospel Truth Rallies as the model for future conferences. Be sure to take a look at Andrew's upcoming meeting schedule to find out when he'll be in your area.

Andrew opened Thursday evening's meeting with a series of questions—trick questions. "How many of you are hungry for more of God? How many of you want to see God move and do something new?" he baited the large crowd. With attendees excited, anticipating what Andrew may say next, he said plainly, "Well, I'm going to pop your bubble..." and he introduced his series for the weekend, You've Already Got It.Andrew at Friday night's meeting.
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After spending the opening minutes of Thursday's meeting bluntly exposing the Church's mishandling of the Word, Andrew made the point that most Christians don't understand what God has already done on their behalf. Then, using Scripture, he began to systematically reshape the crowd's understanding of God's goodness, closeness and the fullness of his atonement.

At the end of each session, Andrew gave an invitation to come forward for prayer. With their faith stirred to receive, many people responded. A Prayer Ministry Team made up of GTS staff, students from CBC-Colorado and CBC-Phoenix, and several AWM Partners were on hand to meet the individual ministry needs of those responding.

Andrew sharing from the Scriptures on Saturday night. (Click to enlarge)The ministry team was blessed to be a part of harvesting the fruit of many miracles. One man, who had sustained a ruptured disc in his back, came forward with numbness in his side. The same man also had a painful gastric condition that restricted his diet and caused him pain. After prayer, he was completely healed. He returned to the GTS the following day, excited to share the report that he was eating normally again, and all pain and numbness had left his body.

A young lady with a broken leg came forward after one meeting. As the minister prayed, the young lady's leg pain left. She immediately removed her cast and found that her leg was healed and strong. She, and the prayer minister who had prayed for her, then ran around the auditorium together in celebration.

Another man, born with a crippling condition called, Spina Bifida, came forward with pain and immobility in his back. After prayer, the pain was gone and he was able to move freely. A life-long condition crushed in the name of Jesus—the man's life was transformed!

Understanding the simple Gospel truth of what you already have, in Christ, will transform your life.

Be sure to watch the video below as Andrew opens Thursday night's meeting and introduces the weekend's series, You've Already Got It.

Reader Comments (1)

My wife and I am inspired by AWMI and the concept of effortless change baptism of the holy spirit by Just reading a book, my life has transformed God healed our marriage and I am moving forward growing and understanding more about giving , although we are in Africa Zimbabwe I understand the awsome power of God as I speak of the ministry yet to come, Little Ones Ministries International (Matthew 18 vs 1-7) , we start now by attending Cares bble college and are willing to donate to the building of the new sanctuary we are not limited by our background because we understand we are the children of God , I wish to have an e mail sent to us so that the software changes for those who want to register in Africa and for those who want to pay without credit cards , we here pay international by bank wire transfer , its now time for us to harvest and we do that by sowing and feeding into the word of God I believe there is going to be a positive response where we are not denied that opportunity to give where we are fed because thats how we receive in our small way we dont want to be these africans in the corinth times but rather the phillipians who believe in giving as the only way of fruitful harevest, Africa does not need doors of donations to open but doors of giving to open so that we start our harvest in abundance as sons in the Kingdom of God , be blessed i thank God for the Gift of Andrew and wife , bigger things are moving here and we shall have big testimonies about the revellation of jesus christ in our lives .

February 19, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterfrancis danha

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