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Sanctuary Update: Andrew Meets with Architects

Andrew emphasized his point during the recent meeting with his staff, the architects and the developer working on The Sanctuary project. (Click to enlarge)Andrew and several AWM staff members recently met with representatives from Architectural Innovations and Northgate Properties, to discuss AWM's future Woodland Park campus called, The Sanctuary. Andrew began the permitting and planning process shortly after he purchased the one hundred fifty-seven acre property in September of 2009. Conversation during the recent meeting included details about the proposed Pavilion, Auditorium, Bookstore and Cafe, including the finalization of floor plans for each area.

Rough sketches were used to indicate revised options for the location of the pavilion and amphitheater. (Click to enlarge)The long-term plan for the campus Pavilion was discussed at length. Andrew envisions the facility being used for smaller gatherings such as Charis Bible College student events, not large public meetings. As the possible locations for the structure were discussed, some concern was raised with regard to the exposure and placement. The ideal situation of the pavilion is one which maintains the clearest views of Pikes Peak, while accommodating the best functionality and utilization of the land's attributes. While final placement of the building has yet to be determined, the finished pavilion will include seating for two-hundred with a fire pit located in the center of the structure, parking for forty vehicles, and an adjacent amphitheater.

Principle Architect, Brett Prather making a suggestion. (Click to enlarge)Conversation also included plans for the main Auditorium of The Sanctuary campus. After some discussion of the platform design and dimensions, the focus shifted to Andrew's thoughts about the audio and visual components of the Auditorium. While Andrew expressed the need for quality, he also made clear his desire to avoid paying for anything beyond a good basic set up.

Due to the complicated nature of sound engineering, Gary Erickson, owner of Northgate Properties, the development company handling the construction project, strongly suggested hiring a single reputable audio company for the sound design and implementation, and offered to find an appropriate company. Andrew had several recommendations for companies as well.

Andrew listened to the architect's comments as they made desired adjustments to the floor plans. (Click to enlarge)The Auditorium's visual design needs such as lighting, camera choices and video projection screens were also addressed. Andrew is considering a new three screen format, over the dual screens used in the current CBC auditorium. He feels three screens will offer a better view to those not seated directly in front of the proposed eighty foot wide platform.

The Sanctuary will also be home to a 2,300 square foot Bookstore as well as a 1000 seat Cafe. Andrew sought David Hardesty's input for design suggestions for these areas. Prior to coming on staff as AWM's General Manager, David spent thirty plus years in retail; his expertise in this area will aid in functional design.

Andrew evaluates blueprints onsite at The Sanctuary. (Click to enlarge)As the meeting progressed, Architect Dale Hermes was able to adjust and finalize the AutoCAD floor plans based on Andrew's input. With the planning process moving forward rapidly, it is Andrew's hope that infrastructure work, including road design and utilities will begin by mid-summer, and building construction will start in 2011.

This site will feature regular Sanctuary updates tracking the building progress; be sure to check back soon.


Watch the video below, and take a virtual ride with Andrew as he gives an on-site tour of The Sanctuary, the future home of the AWM campus, in Woodland Park, Colorado.


HIS Plan in HIS Timing

CBC-Jacksonville, Florida Director, Danon Winter with Andrew in 2009. (Click to enlarge)In the late nineteen nineties Danon Winter was self admittedly, "head-over-heels-in-love with Jesus," and busy about his heavenly Father's business. Danon was an area representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in northeast Florida. Through FCA, the largest Christian sports organization in America, he shared the Gospel with coaches and athletes on the middle school, high school and college levels in the Jacksonville area. He was also running his own multifaceted ministry called 3 Fins Out (3FO), ministering to the surfing and beach culture in the same region.

It was during this time that he first heard Andrew's program on the radio. He enjoyed the messages and ordered several of Andrew's teaching tapes. As he listened to the tapes, Danon was blown away by Andrew's depth of revelation and the simplicity of his delivery of the Word. As he continued to listen, the desire to deepen his relationship with God and solidify his foundation in the Word grew within him. He began to have a knowing in his spirit that the Lord had some changes in store for him.

Barrio Inco ministry outreach in the Dominican Republic 2010.
(Click to enlarge)
During a phone conversation with a friend, Danon shared that he sensed God was shifting him in a new direction, but that he wasn't sure what was next. He told his friend that he had been listening to an awesome Bible teacher, and that if he (Andrew) was affiliated with a Bible school, he would be interested in checking it out. As soon as Danon finished his conversation, he began to listen to another of Andrew's teachings. At the beginning of the tape Andrew said, "Before I get into the teaching tonight, I'm going to have one of our Bible College students give a testimony." When Danon heard him say that, he sat straight up in bed, and the Holy Spirit said to him, "You are going to this school!" A short time later, Danon began his Charis Bible College (CBC) journey.

Danon and his wife Amanda Winter.
(Click to enlarge)
Danon saw the scenario play out in his mind; he would put his growing ministry on hold, head out to Colorado for the deepening and equipping he knew he needed, and head back to Florida a better prepared minister of the Word. However, God had a different plan.

At the end of Danon's second year at CBC, the Lord spoke to him and said, "I want you to do one of these schools in Jacksonville." Having been so transformed by the Word during his time at CBC, this excited Danon; he wanted to see others transformed as well.

Danon and the CBC-Jacksonville mission team to Ireland standing with Wendell Parr, Director of AWM World Outreach. (Click to enlarge)Aware that there weren't any official extension schools in the States at the time, Danon approached Andrew and said, "I want to do one of these schools in Jacksonville—the whole two-year deal, with the mission trip and everything." Andrew said he was open to discussing the idea.

In 2002 after graduation, Danon went back to Florida eager to share the Word. Right away, he began holding classes in his parent's home. The first term began with six students, but after the term ended, three of the students dropped out; two entered minstry and Danon's wife, Amanda had their first child. Knowing in his heart that the school was God's idea, Danon sought the Lord for His plan. He laid aside his own vision for the school and waited on God's timing. While he waited, Danon worked in the Real Estate field and continued to minister to the people of Florida.

Danon and Andrew during CBC's Expand Your Vision weekend in 2009.
(Click to enlarge)
Danon's time came several years later, when leadership at CBC-Colorado contacted Danon and shared their desire to be involved in extension school planting and support. AWM and CBC had grown to a point where the extension campus idea had become a more viable option. Linus LeFever, Director of CBC Colorado at the time, encouraged Danon to come back to Colorado to be part of a new CBC apprenticeship program that would prepare him to successfully launch CBC-Jacksonville. After Danon and his wife Amanda prayerfully considered the idea, and determined that this was God's plan, they moved their family back to Colorado Springs. Danon completed his apprenticeship in 2006, returned to Florida and re-launched the school in Jacksonville in September of the same year.

The Winter family (Click to enlarge)The extra preparation, coupled with the growth of Andrew's ministry, enabled Danon to get the school off the ground. Currently CBC-Jacksonville has thirty-five students and enrollment continues to increase. As the school grows Danon's vision and passion for reaching Florida with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is growing as well. Taking the time to cultivate his relationship with the Lord, and establish a firm foundation in the Word, has made all the difference in the world.

Are you in the Jacksonville area? Visit the CBC-Jacksonville website to learn more about the Charis Bible College near you.


The Sanctuary: A Place Dedicated to the Glory of God

Andrew and Jamie Wommack stand in the entryway to the Lodge at The Sanctuary. (Click to enlarge)More than twenty years ago, during an intimate time with the Lord, Jamie Wommack strolled through the Colorado Rockies. With her arms raised in worship, she found herself in awe of the earth's beauty. Jamie had been meditating on Psalm 134:2, "Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and Bless the Lord." As she continued to meditate, she heard God say, "This is my sanctuary." In those quiet moments before the Lord she declared that one day she would have a place to call The Sanctuary—that day has come.

Over the years, as Andrew has continued to faithfully share the message of God's unconditional love and grace, the Lord has continued to bring forth new and exciting opportunities for him and Jamie. People everywhere are hungry for the Gospel, and Andrew is reaching those people in increasing numbers around the world, through live conferences, radio and television programs, print and web media, and through a growing network of Charis Bible College (CBC) campuses. The response has been tremendous. With the response has come growth, and with the growth has come the need to accommodate the expansion of Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM).

The view from the pavilion building site on the new Sanctuary campus. (Click to enlarge)For the past year Andrew and his team of administrators have been proactively planning for the necessary accommodations. They determined that at the current rate of growth AWM has a three to four year window before it completely outgrows the current facilities in Colorado Springs. In preparation for the expansion, Andrew and his team began looking at properties with the capacity to accommodate both the immediate and the long-term growth of AWM and CBC. Led by the Lord, Andrew found and purchased one hundred and fifty seven picturesque acres in Woodland Park, Colorado. Located just fifteen miles northwest of the current campus, the new property provides the space needed to meet the ministry's current and future needs.

Architectural rendering of the proposed 'Welcome' sign at the entrance to The Sanctuary campus.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew has brought in the necessary architects and contractors to begin the expansion project, and the preliminary design process for the new campus is already well underway. Andrew and his staff are working with an experienced design firm called Architectural Innovations, LLC a full range architectural firm with 82 years of combined experience. The group specializes in designing the type of facilities Andrew has envisioned for the new AWM/CBC campus. Architectural Innovations will work closely with Andrew and the contractor, Northgate Properties, LLC of Colorado Springs, to ensure that Andrew's vision for the property is realized.

Andrew and Stephen Bransford examine Sanctuary blueprints in the kitchen at the Lodge. (Click to enlarge)When the Wommacks were considering the purchase of the new property Andrew reminded Jamie of her decades-old declaration. As the purchase of the property was finalized, there was no doubt that the new campus would be called “The Sanctuary."

Andrew commented, “Jamie always said that if we ever got our own place we would call it The Sanctuary, which means, 'A place dedicated to the Glory of God.' This is something that’s always been in her heart.”

We will be sharing the developments and progress regularly as the project moves forward, so check back often for updates on The Sanctuary.


Catch a glimpse of The Sanctuary property in the video below as Andrew introduces the new campus project.