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2010 Gospel Truth Seminar, Orlando

Andrew ministers from the platform after the opening night meeting in Orlando. (Click here to enlarge)Andrew and Jamie spent the first weekend of February 2010 ministering at the Gospel Truth Seminar in Orlando, Florida. While there, the Lord led Andrew to begin a new multi-part series called, How to Find, Follow and Fulfill God's Will for Your Life. The series will progressively span the next several conferences on the GTS schedule. Andrew began the new series in Orlando with the teaching of How to Find God's Will for Your Life.

Andrew invites those ready to receive from the Lord to come forward for prayer.Andrew's powerful teaching of God's Word softened hearts and lifted spirits throughout each meeting. Many received Salvation and still more, close to 200 in all, received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Over the course of the three-day conference many were blessed and set free from the oppression of the enemy. The predominant issue brought before Andrew's team of prayer ministers after each service was physical pain. Andrew prays for the people who came responded to the invitation. People were healed and delivered from symptoms ranging from generalized joint, back and shoulder pain, to the crippling effects associated with arthritis, Scoliosis, Crohn's disease and cancer.

One woman in particular came forward with a noticeable limp in her walk. She had been suffering with long-term hip pain. One of the prayer minister's laid her hands on the woman's hip and took authority over the pain, speaking Andrew shakes hands with a man who had come forward after the the hip. The woman reported feeling much better, but when asked if the pain was completely gone, the woman replied that there was still a little left. As the prayer minister continued to pray over the woman, her hip began to move and rotate into its proper alignment, and the woman's pain and her limp left completely! Praise God.

For many, like the woman mentioned above, the effects of the enemy's attacks and their healings were visible, but there were also people suffering from the effects of condemnation and emotional pain. As prayer ministers shared words of wisdom, knowledge and the truth of God’s personal love for the individuals, those hurting emotionally were healed and released as well. Ministers operated in the gifts of the Spirit as compassion flowed through them to set the captives free. A touch or an embrace, coupled with the truth spoken in love, broke the chains of bondage off their lives forever.

Watch the clip below as Andrew introduces a brand new series, and the topic of his teaching for the 2010 Gospel Truth Seminar in Orlando, Florida: How to Find God's Will for Your Life.

Click here to view the entire five-part teaching series.


Andrew's Foreign Language Translation Team

Will Graham, Director of Andrew Wommack Ministries of Europe (Click to enlarge)As Andrew shares the truth of the Gospel with the body of Christ around the world, his message continues to penetrate receptive hearts. Because of Andrew's growing visibility and influence, AWM consistently receives requests for Andrew’s books to be translated into an increasing number of foreign languages.

AWM relies on Will Graham, Director of Andrew Wommack Ministries of Europe (AWME) to manage this ongoing translation project. Soon after joining the ministry in 2005, Will recognized the need to translate Andrew's materials into foreign languages. Initially, Will turned to Charis Bible College (CBC) students in England, and friends of the Ministry in several European countries, to translate Andrew's work.

Spirit, Soul & Body, a foundational teaching of Andrew's ministry, is seen here translated in Hungarian.
(Click to enlarge)
Will quickly found that there was much more to the translation process than one set of translator's eyes could be trusted to accomplish accurately. To spread the responsibility of accuracy Will began to build a team of translators, proofreaders and editors in each country. These individuals, mostly volunteers, had to be familiar with the structure of the native language, and equally as important, they had to know Andrew's ministry and teachings very well.

As languages from a number of nations across Europe were translated, it became evident to Will that he needed to bring in another person to oversee the growing project—one who understood the process. Will brought in Zsolt Katona. Zsolt, a native Hungarian and CBC England graduate, now serves AWME as the Head of European Language Translation and as the head of Andrew's Central European
Distribution Centre

Will and several AWME Translation Team supervising editors meet to discuss future projects. (Click to enlarge)Over the past four years, as the translation team has grown, Will and Zsolt have fine tuned the process by which the team operates. Part of that process includes carefully screening
each would-be translator. Each new person is tested for accuracy before being accepted.

"We give out only one chapter as a test translation before we entrust anyone with a whole book," Zsolt said.

Zsolt stressed the point that the sample translation must be an accurate representation of Andrew's original work. He also noted that there is a difference between translating and interpreting. In Zsolt's view this is a matter of ethics:

Hungarian translation of Andrew's book The True Nature of God."To my way of thinking, a translator hardly has any freedom whatsoever, and should be as faithful as possible to the original, with the understanding that if the author has chosen a particular vocabulary in the original, and this actually exists in the language to be translated into, the translator shouldn’t change the vocabulary just because he/she feels it sounds better [than the original]," explained Zsolt.

Accuracy must be maintained throughout each step as the translation progresses from the hands of the translator, through the editor. As one might imagine, this is a time consuming process. Because many of the people participating are doing so on a part-time volunteer basis, the average book translation takes between four and six months
to complete.

The Chinese translation of The New You and The Holy Spirit.Once a person passes the testing and becomes part of the translation team, he or she always begins with the same books, The New You & The Holy Spirit, followed by Spirit, Soul & Body—a foundational teaching of Andrew's ministry. After these two are completed the next book is determined by consultation between translation team supervisors and friends of the Ministry in that particular country.

The Translation Team, with representatives from approximately 20 countries, meets annually to organize and schedule projects for the coming year. In August of 2009 the team met in Hungary. While traditional book and e-book translations were discussed, the team also began to explore translation opportunities for voice-over and sub-titling projects. These translations will broaden the availability of Andrew's DVD teachings and provide more local TV programming opportunities. It is also a team priority to make sure that there are materials available for the destinations Andrew will visit during the upcoming year. As a result of this team's efforts, when Andrew speaks in a foreign country, he is able to leave behind materials in the local languages.

From very small beginnings, to more than 30 languages being translated currently, each book is a seed planted for a multiplied harvest to come.


Recently, Will Graham, director for Andrew Wommack Ministries Europe, met with his translation team supervisors. Catch a glimpse in the video below as they organize the upcoming project schedule. Be sure to follow the link at the end of this clip for a full video summary of Andrew's recent trip to Europe.


Andrew's Central European Distribution Center

AWM's Hungarian office and Central European Distribution Center. (Click to enlarge)Hungary, a former satellite of the Soviet Empire, is now the host of a busy distribution point for Andrew Wommack Ministries of Europe (AWME). A modest house in one of the greenbelt villages of the town of Győr serves as both the Hungarian office for AWME and as the Central European Distribution Center, from which Andrew's teaching materials are shipped to the 27 nations of the European community. The facility is managed by native Hungarian and CBC England graduate, Zsolt Katona.

AWM's Head of European Translation and of the Central European Distribution Center, Zolt Katona and his family live in Hungary.When Zsolt became an AWME employee in 2006, the ministry had just begun publishing Andrew's books in various European languages. Now, in 2010, Zsolt manages tens of thousands of copies of Andrew's translated materials. As a result, the house is crowded with shelves full of spiritual seeds just waiting to be shipped to thirsty souls. Zsolt does his best to utilize every inch of the office efficiently, but that job is becoming increasingly challenging.

With a steady stream of translations being completed, storage space at the distribution center is tightly packed. (Click to enlarge)Presently, Andrew's books are being shipped across Europe in 11 languages, but that number continues to increase as AWME's Foreign Language Translation Team works diligently to make the books available to more people in more countries. Several of Andrew's books are currently going through the translation process for eight additional European languages. The translation process takes time—four to six months on average. Worldwide the team of countless volunteers has translated 127 of Andrew's books in 36 languages.

At this time, Zsolt distributes his largest orders to Holland and Germany. Smaller countries like Hungary tend to order less per shipment. But the important part is that the orders continue to come in on a steady basis.

Currently Zsolt is the only full-time employee for the distribution center, but as Andrew's message continues to spread across languages, the job will eventually become too large for him to manage singlehandedly.

So, as the saying goes, "never despise small beginnings." Each book shipped from this little house in Hungary is a seed planted for a multiplied harvest
to come.


Watch as Andrew tours the Hungarian office and reminisces about the Ministry's humble beginnings. Be sure to follow the link at the end of this clip for a full video summary of Andrew's recent trip to Europe.

Catch a glimpse in the video below as they organize the upcoming project schedule. Be sure to follow the link at the end of this clip for a full video summary of