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2010 Gospel Truth Seminar, Phoenix

Andrew pauses for emphasis during the opening night of the Phoenix GTS. (Click to enlarge)Andrew and Jamie kicked off the New Year at the 2010 Gospel Truth Seminar in Phoenix, Arizona. Many in attendance came with expectant hearts and were blessed, healed and delivered, as they received truth and revelation from Andrew’s powerful teaching of God’s word. Andrew shared a message he called "How to Stay Positive in a Negative World." Andrew spent some time emphasizing the need to see with the eyes of the heart, into the Spiritual realm, and encouraged everyone to spend time meditating on the Word, which is the seed to every blessing.

Approximately 30 people reported receiving healing for hearing related issues after Andrew ministered to deafness from the platform. Others in attendance were delivered from the debilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Spina Bifida, and back pain. Praises of thanksgiving were plentiful as blind eyes were opened and “eye-floaters” disappeared.

Andrew exchanges a handshake with a young man after the meeting. (Click to enlarge)Some who came to the conference with limited mobility due to injuries and past surgeries were healed and regained their mobility. One man in particular who was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and brain damage arrived with a walking cane and was very unsteady on his feet. However, after he received prayer, he walked out of the meeting restored, evidenced by him handing his cane to his wife.

The invitation for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit was well received throughout the weekend. Around 200 people came forward to receive this gift of His power in their lives. Words of wisdom and knowledge flowed freely during each session, and many people were set free in Jesus.

The weekend was a fantastic display of the Lord’s love and grace for all who attended.

Watch the clip below as Andrew introduces the message the Lord led him to share at the 2010 Phoenix GTS: How to Stay Positive in a Negative World.

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Gospel Truth Magazine Makes Online Debut

Gospel Truth magazine is now available in an online edition. (Click to enlarge)Andrew Wommack Ministries is pleased to announce that the Gospel Truth magazine has made its online debut!

Gospel Truth magazine, AWM's feature publication, has been in print since the Spring of 2007. The magazine, with a distribution of approximately 33,000, was created to provide Andrew's partners with a more in depth look at the ministry's progress and accomplishments, while communicating Andrew's vision and plans for the future.

According to Jim Ertel, AWM's Director of Partner Relations, "The purpose of the Gospel Truth magazine is to give partners a more complete view of the impact this message and ministry is having, and to tell the stories of the lives that are being changed."

The print version has been produced twice a year since its initial issue, and up until now has only been available to friends and partners, those that support the ministry financially. Now, to expand the magazine's impact, AWM has recently brought the magazine online, making it available world-wide to those who have access to the internet.

The online version appears on screen as an exact replica of the print version and provides readers with a user-friendly, interactive experience. Those choosing to view Gospel Truth magazine online are able to turn individual pages, zoom pages to a comfortable viewing size and print desired pages.

Visit the new Gospel Truth magazine archive for a focused look at how Andrew and AWM are touching lives around the world.


Reflections from Auschwitz and Birkenau

Stephen Bransford, AWM’s Media Operations Manager accompanied Andrew, Jamie and several AWM staff to Europe on their recent trip—video camera in hand. Here he shares a few thoughts as he reflects on their stop at Auschwitz.

“Today we visited Auschwitz and Birkenau. AWM Media Operations Manager Stephen Bansford
(Click to enlarge)

The movie, Schindler’s List hit with the emotions of a sledgehammer. The Boys From Brazil raised the hair on my neck. But seeing the real Auschwitz left me numb. The numbers were too large. The scale of hatred overwhelmed the senses.

The strongest impression I felt was how tired I became walking along the railroad tracks that carried the people to the gas chambers and crematoriums. Step after step I began to feel the size of the German machine. It grinned like a Jackal with barbed wire teeth all around me. We walked free but those who had walked before us knew they were doomed. We walked a mile past one barracks after another after another. Each one had held a thousand Jewish prisoners housed for death. They were processed like a commodity on an assembly line. But as you walk you begin to get a feel for how many perished. It just goes on and on and on! I thought, ‘When will this end?’ How many of those who perished there must have had that thought?

Mengele’s clinic was there. Pictures of the children used in experiments. But it still made me numb, numb, numb as I filmed it all.

Finally, as I was leaving the main gate I saw a group of Jewish young people arriving. They carried Israel’s flag as they got off a bus, waving it high above their group. Many wore the Star of David on their shirts. As they began walking down that endless lane beside the railroad tracks toward the massive ovens, I began to film them… and I began to feel something. I felt a fraction of what it might mean to be Jewish at Auschwitz today—A whole different experience than for the rest of us. This place created the State of Israel.

I wondered how Israel will survive the next wave of anti-Semitism? It is coming at them like a bullet train. These young people held an answer in their hands as they waved their flag defiantly at the relics of their own terrible history. However, the real answer will come for them only when Jesus sits at last, triumphant on the throne of David. The day they say ‘blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’”

Stephen Bransford
October 26 2009, Krakow, Poland