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Europe Trip 2011: A Special New Friend

The introduction. (Click to enlarge)If this is Sunday, then this is the day Andrew makes his annual visit to “Messy Church.” This is a special area where the small children of the Grace & Faith Family Camp are entertained and ministered to by a dedicated group of Charis Bible College students.

This series of pictures capture an encounter between Andrew and a special child. The photos were provided by Charis Bible A prayer observed. (Click to enlarge)College graduate, Joseph Djima, whose keen eye and sensitive spirit are a gift to us all.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then these three are worth thirty thousand. Enough said.

Filed Sunday, May 29, 2011 from England by AWM Media Manager, Stephen Bransford.A new friend. (Click to enlarge)


Europe Trip 2011: Chips or Crisps?

A lunch to make Gordon Ramsay proud.
(Click to enlarge)

“Would you like crisps, Sir?”

“Uh, I uhhh… yes, thank you.”

Crisps”— that’s the word they use here in England for good old potato chips. These were real hand cooked, sea salt potato chips — er, crisps — to be exact. I was standing at a lunch counter. The sandwich was Gammon Ham with Irish mature cheddar and pickle. (I guess I’m glad they didn’t pick “immature” cheddar — but I’m not sure I would know the difference). And they put some kind of vegetable jelly spread on it instead of mustard and mayo, but that’s not a complaint. It was tasty. You know you’re not in Colorado anymore with a lunch menu like that, right?

As I boarded the flight in Denver, Chef Gordon Ramsay boarded right next to me. Maybe that’s why I’m paying attention to food and flavors today. Who wants something cooked-up in “Hell’s Kitchen?

Aaron Roach, Rory Kyle, John Maunder and Adrian Hills. (Click to enlarge)Anyway, Andrew, Jamie, their grand-daughter Rhiannon, David and Gayle Hardesty and myself (Media Manager, Stephen Bransford), have recently arrived at Stoneleigh Park where we are preparing another Grace and Faith Family Camp. It hardly seems a year has passed since we were last here.

Our European director, Will Graham, and his staff, along with Charis Bible College helpers, have put together another top notch event. Andrew and Jamie continue to express so much gratitude for the many staff and volunteers who work behind the scenes to make this happen. We just couldn’t be reaching out with the almost-too-good-to-be-true news without every one of them.

Rory with John, a representative from the Electro Voice manufacturing plant, inspect the Grace and Faith Family Camp audio setup. (Click to enlarge)Tonight and every night we will be streaming the conference live on, our European website. I’d like to say thank you to some “unsung Heros” who are helping to make this possible. First, Aaron Roach, our European IT director. He is assisted by John Maunder, and a new member of our team, who is a Charis Bible College UK first year student, Rory Kyle. Rory works for Sky TV, the Discovery and History Channels. He has won worldwide recognition and awards for sound design. We are so blessed that he and his wife felt lead to attend Charis Bible College. Now he lends his expertise to this event.

Filed Friday, May 27, 2011 from England by AWM Media Manager, Stephen Bransford.

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