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Hannah's Healing Journeys Reunion

In 2006, AWM shared a touching healing testimony about then three-year-old Hannah Terradez. Hannah received healing from a rare autoimmune disease called, eosinophilic enteropathy, which caused her body to reject every type of food. Her miraculous story became a well-known part of Andrew's Healing Journeys DVD series.

Today, Hannah remains healthy and active. During last summer’s Healing Journeys Reunion, Andrew talked with Hannah’s parents and grandparents about how their lives have been dramatically changed by the revelation of God’s goodness. Watch the two-part video below as Andrew walks through their amazing story of how an old cassette tape and the Gospel Truth transformed three generations of family.


Andrew Interviews the Forsyth Family

In 2010 we posted a Healing Journeys testimony about Scott Forsyth, his battle with severe digestive issues and his overcoming victory in Jesus. Scott's story became part of the AWM Healing Journeys DVD series and was the first testimony AWM received about a healing that stemmed directly from watching another Healing Journeys testimony that of Hannah Terradez.

At last year's Healing Journeys reunion, Andrew sat down with Scott and his family to talk about how Scott’s healing changed the Forsyth's approach to life, and how they now live in the blessing of God. Watch the video below and be encouraged by the numerous victories the Forsyth’s have experienced in their lives because of their revelation of God’s goodness.


Healing Journeys Reunion with the Petersons

Several years ago, AWM published a story called, Jason's Miracle. The story was about the Peterson family and their young son's victory over a rare and severe skin disorder. Their faith-building testimony became part of the AWM Healing Journeys DVD series.

Last summer, Andrew hosted a two-day reunion for the families and individuals featured in the 3-part Healing Journeys series. While at the reunion, Andrew had an opportunity to sit down with the Petersons, and they discussed Jason's miraculous healing and how the Lord continues to work through all of their lives today.

Enjoy the video below as Andrew catches up with the Peterson family and they share their amazing story.