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Unraveling the Bonds of Fear

Amanda Bassett was healed from epilepsy and set free from the grip fear had on her life. (Click to enlarge)“Fear in general, fear of being alone, fear of losing control…any horrible thing I could imagine, I was terrified it was going to happen to me or I was going to do it.” Amanda Bassett accepted Jesus as a child, but for more than two decades, fear dominated her life and, eventually, manifested into something much worse.

“I started noticing symptoms of the seizures when I was about nine years old. I had panic attacks where my mom would hold me down on my bed and I would be shaking. I couldn’t stop because I was so terrified—terrified that I would kill someone, kill myself, or any other horrible thing I could imagine. I was terrified it was going to happen to me.”

The fear of a seizure was always in the back of her mind. (Click to enlarge)By age fifteen, the small seizures became a way of life and the relentless cycle drove Amanda into seclusion. The fear of a seizure was always in the back of her mind. She had trouble thinking clearly and even completing sentences. It may have appeared as though she only had 5 little seizures in a day, but in reality, it was more like 100 or 200.

In high school, Amanda began to isolate herself even more than before, spending most of her teen years in a pitch-black room, fast asleep. Being around other people became awkward and troublesome, and planning for college became a luxury she physically could not afford. “I didn’t think I had a hope or a future. I thought, I’m going to sleep my life away and just hope it ends—get it over with.”

In a state of total misery, Amanda turned to God for answers, knowing that something had to be missing in her relationship with Christ. Her mom started watching Andrew Wommack in 2010. At first, Amanda didn’t really care what he had to say—he was just another televangelist. But then, she started to feel God drawing her into something more. He began to reveal that something was there that she wasn’t getting.

As Amanda turned to God, she felt him drawing her into something more. (Click to enlarge)Amanda began listening to Andrew for herself on the Gospel Truth program online and was shocked by what she was hearing. Her mom began encouraging her to pray for her healing from epilepsy, and one day, on the floor of her living room, Amanda’s life changed forever. “The 700 Club was on, and I saw people getting healed. I began to imagine how I could be one of those people.” Amanda knelt down by the television and completely put her faith in God. “I prayed something to the effect of, ‘God, please heal me of epilepsy now,’ and before I’d finished my sentence, the host said, ‘There’s someone with epilepsy who’s being healed right now. Put your hand on your head and be healed in Jesus’ name.’

“From listening to Andrew, I knew that healing doesn’t happen just because you feel something. When I put my hand on my head, honestly, I didn’t feel anything, but I knew better than to go merely by what I feel. I said to myself, ‘I’m healed!’

Amanda began to understand that healing is in God’s Word , and it’s by relying on His Word, and not on our feelings, that we see His promises manifest in our lives. “By the seventh day, all my headaches were gone, I felt so much clarity, and I could even have a conversation without doing anything weird. I didn’t feel fear—fear was gone.”

Amanda began to understand that healing is in God’s Word.
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Grateful for her healing and growing relationship with God, Amanda decided to take it one step further and go to Charis Bible College (CBC) because it was Andrew’s school. She knew the teaching, but she wanted to be around other people who were believing God for themselves. She had a desire to absorb that atmosphere.

Growing up, Amanda always thought that God only had a plan and a will for a select few people, not everyone. “So, when Andrew taught that God has a purpose for every single person on this planet, I got so excited. At that point, the only thing I cared about was what God had for me. Now that I’m not bound, I can do whatever He wants me to!

Amanda soon discovered that CBC offered more than just teaching on God’s Word. She entered the Third Year Media School and discovered her passion in life: “I really discovered a love for video making. I want to make videos that touch people’s lives and inspire them.”

Amanda and Jeff Nakkula, Co-Director of CBC's Media School reviewing Amanda's work as a third-year student.
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Now Amanda has that hope and future she thought she’d never have:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11, New International Version, emphasis added

“Jesus is my Savior, but He is also my Comforter. So, anywhere I go, I know He’s with me, doors will open, and He has a plan for me. He has somewhere He wants me to be,” Amanda declares. She goes on to say, “CBC has made me feel more established in my identity, more confident with opportunities in life, and more emotionally stable within myself. Now I feel like it’s an automatic reflex to turn to God when fear or discouragement comes up. I feel equipped for life.”

The partners and friends of Andrew Wommack Ministries have provided a place where people like Amanda can become deeply established in God’s Word. With a story in her heart and a camera in her hand, Amanda is free to tell not only her own story but also the stories of thousands more to come. There’s no limit to what God can do with a life fully surrendered to Him!


Jesus Reigns In Jacob Bain

Jacob Bain and his wife Bianca. (Click to enlarge)Jacob Bain was a born again believer long before his friend introduced him to Andrew’s ministry, but it was through Andrew’s teaching that Jacob found the true freedom and fullness of his salvation. No longer preoccupied with every little mistake he made, Jacob was free to receive all that Jesus had accomplished on his behalf.

It was in 2011 that Jacob’s friend, Mark Hicks, shared Andrew’s ministry with him. The first teaching Jacob listened to was Killing Sacred Cows, and boy, did it mess with Jacob’s heart. He said, “I immediately felt challenged. Almost everything I had been taught was being attacked—but in a good way. I needed to hear some strong truth to bring me out of my religious thinking.”

Early on, Jacob’s religious mindset hindered him from openly embracing portions of Andrew’s revelation, but he continued to listen simply because Andrew backed up his religion-crushing statements with scripture. The way Andrew puts the Word in its context allowed Jacob to truly understand the Bible, and after listening to the teaching several times, Jacob was able to see past his religious veil.

Jacob with his good friend, Mark Hicks, at the 2014 Men's Advance at CBC-Colorado's new campus in Woodland Park. (Click to enlarge)Free from his old mindset, Jacob began to mine through the free resources on the ministry’s website, devouring archived audio teachings on his MP3 player and reading many articles. Jacob even wore his headphones while at work, so he could continue listening and receiving more revelation of God’s amazing goodness. There is no doubt in Jacob’s mind that Andrew’s teachings changed his entire view ofthe Father. “I love Him more and more each day, and I don’t know if I would have, if it wasn’t for those teachings,” he said.

After Jacob got a hold of Andrew’s message,You’ve Already Got It, he realized he possessed the authority to receive his own physical healing. This was great news for Jacob because he had been struggling with migraine headaches for some time. Jacob said, “I understood that everything was provided for me on the cross, and all I had to do was receive it. For the first time in my life I knew that God wanted me well.”

Jacob’s battle with migraines had become such a regular occurence that he often lost his motivation for the day as soon as he woke up in the morning with headache pain. Looking for a way to dull the pain, he had turned to self medicating. When over-the-counter meds didn’t help, he sought the assistance of a sinus specialist and a Bianca and Jacob both serve in the Army National Guard. The two were married in August of 2013.
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neurologist, but he was discouraged by their treatment options—more pills and injections. Before listening to Andrew, Jacob had submitted to the thinking that suffering with headache pain was just his lot in life. After listening to You’ve Already Got It, Jacob knew better.

Sometimes there is a difference between knowing better and seeing results. Jacob’s healing did not manifest instantaneously, but came progressively. His feelings of uncertainty with regard to his choice of words, and his self-consciousness when it came to speaking out loud to his symptoms were hurdles that Jacob had to clear in his mind.

“I finally said, ‘Headache leave in Jesus’ name. This is my body, and I command you to leave!’ I said those things over and over,” Jacob shared. Even though the pain was still there, and he was becoming desperate, he kept speaking healing over his body. Every time his head would begin to hurt, he would utter the same words. He said, “It was a little frustrating in the beginning because the pain did not want to leave right away.”

Jacob’s friend Mark agreed with him in prayer and told Jacob that he felt, in his heart, that Jacob was healed. Over time, the pain levels began to subside and eventually Jacob would go a day or two without any pain. Today, Jacob is completely healed and he is pain free.Jacob and Mark drilled together in the same National Guard unit. Mark introduced Jacob to Andrew's teaching. (Click to enlarge)

Aside from enjoying a general sense of relief from the pain that had plagued him, Jacob enjoyed the realization that it is God’s will for people to be healed. “The manifestation of my healing affected my beliefs. Before, I was not sure if it was God’s will for all people to be well, but I now know personally, that it is God’s will for all to be healthy. It’s an amazing thing to witness God’s power working through you. I just want to tell other people about the goodness of God now.”

Jacob has not had so much as a cold in over a year, and he attributes his health to using his authority and to speaking good things over himself. “This whole experience of God’s goodness has changed my life forever. I now know that sickness can’t reign in my body because Jesus reigns in me. Everything is paid for, one hundred percent!” Jacob said enthusiastically.

Mark and his wife Jannette and Bianca and Jacob stand with Andrew at last year's Phoenix GTS.
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If YOU SAY to the Mountain

Andrew with Penny and Don Griffin in Atlanta in 2007.
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What can you do when the enemy comes to steal from you? Don Griffin, like many Christians, sets aside the beginning of each day to spend time with the Lord. This practice had been in place for many years, when Don was suddenly faced with a situation he did not know how to handle. Twenty-five years into his marriage, his wife, Penny, began to suffer from fibromyalgia. As the sickness progressed, Don continued to pray, but he began to feel helpless as he watched Penny's condition deteriorate to the point of being bed-ridden.

Penny Griffin, 2012
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One morning Don left the confines of his study, morning coffee in hand, and sat himself in front of his television. This was a highly unusual deviation from his normal routine. Don said, "As I sat flipping through the channels, I saw Andrew sitting in his chair teaching, and just before I continued channel surfing I heard him say, “God wants you well.” To my knowledge, I had never heard anyone say that, so I sat and watched."

For the next three weeks Don watched Andrew's program attentively. Although he knew in his heart that he was receiving God's truth, he didn't mention to Penny that he was watching until he heard Andrew say, "If you say to the mountain..." while he was teaching on Mark 11:23. That was when the light came on for Don. He and Penny are Spirit-filled believers, but they had been taught that God doesn't always heal. Don realized in those few moments that he had the authority to speak to his wife's mountain.

Penny and Don, 2004, approximately one year after Penny received her healing. (Click to enlarge)As Don continued to watch Andrew, faith and understanding grew to the point where he felt ready to speak to the mountain of fibromyalgia. In Penny's estimation, she received about 80% of her healing when Don prayed for her after receiving the revelation that God wanted her well. Penny said, "But, it took me a few months to realize that I was free from the sickness."

When Penny began to get a hold of the truth for herself, and she understood that she too could speak the Word in faith, she did. "'By His stripes I am healed,' 'God heals all of my diseases,' 'No weapon formed against me can prosper,' these were the words that I began to constantly speak over myself," said Penny. "I knew the Word was working because I began to feel like a real person for the first time in almost a year. The pain was gone."

Don and Penny's grandson, Wynn.
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Penny and Don are thrilled that she received the Lord's healing, and Penny said that it is as though she and Don have entered a whole new realm of God's Kingdom. Penny's healing has radically changed their lives. Because of their victory, they have grown in boldness in prayer for others, and they have seen other people receive healing as well. Most notable of the miracles they have witnessed happened when they prayed for their daughter-in-law, Kim, during her third pregnancy. "Kim and our son, Jonathan, were told that the chances of the baby being born normal were about 1%. In fact, one doctor encouraged them to abort the pregnancy," said Penny. Because the Griffins had shared their revelation with their children, Kim and Jonathan were able to recognize the detrimental power of the doctor's Wynn, age 3, August, 2013
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negative words. The couple cut the doctor's prognosis short and refused to receive the bad report. The Griffins prayed as a family, and stood on God’s Word. Today Don and Penny have a normal, beautiful three-year-old grandson

The Griffins have been able to share their testimony and Andrew's teaching materials with hundreds of people over the last several years while leading Sunday school classes at the church they attend. Don and Penny's pastors have also received a greater revelation of God's truths by watching Andrew's teaching, and they have used those truths to increase the knowledge and faith of the entire church.

"Let me say that Penny and I have been changed and have entered into a new joy and expectation that grows by the day. The steadfast guy that sits and talks and teaches the Gospel Truth has changed our lives forever," Don said with a smile.