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CBC Mission Schools: Going After The One

What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it? (Luke 15:4)

Jesus was willing to leave ninety-nine to go after one. Every individual on the planet has significance in God’s eyes. For this reason, Charis Bible College (CBC) World Outreach takes the mandate to “go after the one” very seriously by establishing and supporting CBC mission schools around the world. Mission schools are simply extension schools, located in foreign countries, and are often quite small.

Directors of Charis Bible Institute, an extension of Charis Bible College, Craig and Tina Rumbley. (Click to enlarge)The actual size of the school, however, is not always representative of the impact that it is having on its community. Craig and Tina Rumbley direct Charis Bible Institute (CBI), a mission school in Belize that was established in 2008. They currently have fifteen students enrolled. The Rumbleys followed God’s lead to become missionaries, and moved their family to a foreign country in order to reach out to each one that God brings to them. They have dedicated their lives to letting the people of Belize know that they have value and that God loves them unconditionally.


Although enrollment at CBI Belize is not growing rapidly, Craig and Tina see the miracle of multiplication on a daily basis.

Surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee. (Hebrews 6:1)

Multiplication on the mission field is about building relationships, and that is what the Rumbley family strives to do. This is a process that goes far beyond the walls of their school. Craig and Tina are continuously reaching out to the individuals in their community in creative ways to inspire connection. Sometimes it just takes one relationship to open a door to a huge opportunity to share the Gospel. The Rumbleys have come to realize that the old saying, "People don't care what you know until people know that you care," is true. After six years of showing their community they care, one person at a time, Craig and Tina and their students have compiled quite an impressive list of outreach opportunities. Some of those include:

  • Teaching in the nation's only prison on a weekly basis
  • Weekly teachings on various radio stations
  • Local community park outreaches for children on holidays
  • Devotional/Paintball outreaches for teens
  • Hospital visits: Praying for people and providing toiletries
  • Establishing Discipleship Evangelism Groups

When the Rumbleys arrived in Belize in 2008, they couldn’t find anyone who knew of Andrew or CBC. Andrew was on one radio station that covered only a small territory, and he wasn’t on any television stations in the area. The Rumbley's outreach efforts have been tremendously effective, and God has multiplied their success. Today, Craig and Tina are on four radio stations, which cover most of the country, and Andrew’s Gospel Truth program is on a popular cable television channel.

Sharing the Gospel Truth on local radio.Craig works with a mission team from CBC Colorado share the almost-too-good-to-be-true-news. (Click to enlarge)Another way the Rumbleys see the multiplication process work is through hosting CBC mission teams. The way in which Craig and Tina organize each mission team further facilitates their goal of building relationships. In Tina’s words, “The mission teams, for us, are tools to get a foot in a door—to make a connection to someone we have not yet connected with.”

For example, while the mission team members are ministering to children at a school, Craig and Tina have the opportunity to meet and talk to teachers and staff. Later, when they meet the teacher in a church or on the street, there is some familiarity and they are able to reconnect. Eventually, with determined effort, relationships fully develop.

Often, when mission teams minister in the local parks, and individuals get born again and/or healed, word of mouth provides free advertising for CBI Belize. Tina noted, “Belize is a small country; people talk. The kindness extended to people gets around.”

The Rumbleys see the individual mission team members as an extension of themselves. They help the Rumbleys cover more ground than what they can do on their own. “There is something powerful—beautiful—that I can't really describe with words about nations coming together and worshipping God. That is what happens when we have a school from the U.S. come to our little country of Belize to serve and minister,” Tina said.

Recently, the Rumbleys have gained access to minister in local Taiwanese and Mestizo communities. (Click to enlarge)Outreaches and missions trips are, without a doubt, helping the Rumbleys fulfill their desire to build relationships and share the Gospel in the small seaside nation of Belize, but ultimately, it is God who brings the increase. Recently, the door has opened for Craig and Tina to minister to the Taiwanese and the Mestizo communities. The Rumbleys already have plans in motion to visit homes, businesses and churches to build and nurture new relationships. As they share the gospel, their hope is that the people will see Jesus’ heart as well as the heart of CBC and Andrew Wommack Ministries. Craig and Tina believe that these new doors, which the Lord has supernaturally opened for them, will eventually feed new students into the school.

It is thanks to our Word Outreach partners that CBI Belize can continue to serve its community and students. Tuition at CBI Belize is based on the area’s economy. The total tuition collected does not cover the cost of running the school, and therefore, CBI is dependent on World Outreach to provide between $1600 and $2000 a month to cover operating expenses.

World Outreach currently has additional mission schools in Argentina, Russia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Hong Kong. These schools each need between $20,000-25,000 a year to maintain operations. If you are already a World Outreach Partner, your donations help support our current mission schools, and also assists in planting new schools around the world.

If you have never given to World Outreach, please consider uniting with us in supporting these schools for a suggested amount of $30 a month. Your partnership has the potential to reach people with the nearly-too-good-to-be-true-news of the gospel all over the world, as new schools continue to be established. Craig and Tina Rumbley, along with the other CBC Directors, are seeing lives changed and transformed on a daily basis at their schools and in their communities. It all begins with one faithful person, willing to go after just one lost sheep.

To find out more about how the Lord led the Rumbleys to share the Gospel Truth on the mission field, be sure to read, Bottle Fed to Spirit Led.

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